A style factory, in the widest sense.

Avelana is one of the top French manufacturers of women’s fashion fabrics, leading the field in wool and Lycra blends.
From day one, Avelana has been convinced of the importance of technological innovation, investing in it in order to improve the experience and enhance the performance of the fabrics, as well as to obtain new materials that boast original, unique performance.
The company was the first to develop and launch stretch and bi-stretch fabrics, and is currently world market leader in stretch woollen fabrics.
A passion for craftsmanship and a sense of alchemy: just like the materials it makes, the Avelana approach to production and the market is a mix of different elements.
An unrivalled style tradition, an expert eye and the manual skills of the company’s staff, able to stay one step ahead of trends and anticipate desires, combines with research that knows no boundaries, bringing an alluring new meaning and value to elegance and fashion, collection after collection.