Top comfort, insuperable innovation.

It’s been a while since the word stretch made its first appearance in the ever-evolving fashion system dictionary.
Without Avelana, this significant little revolution would never have taken place.
And then came bi-stretch fabrics: same firm, extra innovation, twice the quality.
Today the stretch wool/Lycra blends, in which Avelana leads the field, have achieved perfection, partly thanks to the subsequent innovations introduced in the company’s workshops with the use of methods such as nanotechnologies.
These worldly-wise materials boast a host of hidden qualities, standing up to stains, oil, liquids, odours, cold, bacteria and stress; yet as befits any femme fatale, they are also able to capture and reflect the light, cascading dreamily down the body in a silky caress.
They are the undisputed stars of the catwalk down which the future glides.